"Relationships matter, especially in healthcare."


The current model of healthcare is limiting consistent communication between patients and providers. Healthcare focus has trended towards payments and sick care, not well care. Amchart seeks to change that relationship. Patients currently generate large amounts of data through fitness apps and combining this with IoT devices, etc. can help improve the information flowing to the provider to improve treatments and clinical decision making for improved health outcomes.

Chronic diseases we are targeting




Why? These disease processes are running rampant within all cultures, but with proper tools, collaboration, and management, they can be controlled with good results towards healthcare longevity.

What is the T.E.A.M approach?

Since we are launching around the globe, we have been evaluating some of the biggest challenges faced in chronic disease management. We plan to begin our focus on these areas as the foundation of change towards better health. They can be summarized as:

Take your meds

Eating Well

Active Lifestyle

Measuring Goals

Amchart wants to utilize the Wellness Companion app as a daily guide and help to achieve goals. It is not a standard exercise tool or sleep tracker app, but an evolving partner to help track goals, provide motivation, and used for rewards based programs. Earn from your data and reward yourself with tokens or gift cards and see the value in staying healthy and help motivate those around you!

How does Amchart differ?

Amchart model of care

Your Healthcare Data Matters

  • Use in our predictive analytics platform – over time, will provide you feedback on your health, potential future issues, trends (both good and bad). This information will be available to you and your provider.
  • A medication reconciliation platform – do you know that you shouldn’t be taking all of your medications at once? Or that some drugs should be staggered to improve their effectiveness? By learning more about you and your medication, our platform can help lay out a proper medication plan.
  • Monetizing your data – give permission to use your data for research, clinical trial matching, academic use, etc. Earn tokens and redeem for tokens or gift cards for future use. Our marketplace will allow for permissioned data to be used by you to improve your health and your pocket-book.